W2 self service W2s printing and mail 1099 in USA, Colorado 2024

This is a year-end headache that all U.S. businesses face. It is not a task for the faint-hearted. W2 self service and W2 printing & mailing processing require detailed knowledge of the specifications and requirements that our government requires in USA Colorado. These requirements change each year! Countless energy, time, and money can be wasted each year on this task alone. 

We can print your forms in laser format or electronic format (PDF). Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment we can produce as few as 5 or as many as 10,000K forms in either format. Laser forms are printed onto an 8.5×14 self-sealing envelope or an 8.5×11 form for insertion into an envelope. As you know, form printing can be a stressful task for anybody working in an office trying to use a dot matrix printer or a slow laser printer. And, what about applying all those stamps? The costs add up quickly for the forms, W2 Form printing supplies, mailing services & supplies, and LABOR. Professional Automation offers an economical alternative.

  • Timely, Accurate for 100 to 1,000,000+
  • Multi-company Reporting
  • Free History Loading for Employee Retrieval
  • Unlimited W2C Processing
  • Service Bureau Specialists!

Should you have questions please feel free to use our Contact Form or call us at 855-E-Checks (855-324-3257), without obligation, today.

Employers - Now you can setup, process and print your own W2s self services!

By accessing our processing site (‘Production site sign-in’ or ‘New Registration’ on the left side menu bar) you can register, sign in, enter your data, and print forms quickly, inexpensively, and right now!

Ensure Quality and Accuracy

Using high-speed printing and inserting equipment and specially designed software, our experienced expert team can produce, quality-check, and mail your W2s for a single low piece rate.

Wide Variety of Information Sources Accepted

Simply supply a W2 data file (often as easy as using your payroll software to “Print W2’s To File, tab/text or Excel”). You can log into the management site and upload through the site, but if your file is gigantic we can set up or secure an SFTP site. We currently work with Great Plains, Dynamics, MAS90, QuickBooks, Excel, and Access. Use our Contact Form or call 855-E-Checks (855-324-3257) for help with special situations.

W2 printing and mail 1099 pricing

Pricing is based on the number of forms to be printed and the output materials: laser forms or continuous forms. If quantities are sufficient, you may be eligible for postage savings! We can handle as few as 2 forms (we’ve done it!) or over 500 thousand forms. No job is too small or too large! Review Price List.

1099/W2G/1098 Pricing

We can quickly and accurately print any of the IRS-required forms for your company. We process your data from report files, spreadsheets, and third-party accounting systems – if it is maintained on a computer we can handle it! Review Price List.


New Hire Reporting Requirements by State.

W2 self service Alabama, W2 self service Alaska, W2 self service Arizona, W2 self service Arkansas, W2 self service California, W2 self service Colorado, W2 self service Connecticut, W2 self service Delaware, W2 self service Florida, W2 self service Georgia, W2 self service Hawaii, W2 self service Idaho, W2 self service Illinois, W2 self service Montana, W2 self service Nebraska,W2 self service Nevada, W2 self service New Hampshire, W2 self service New Jersey, W2 self service New Mexico, W2 self service New York, W2 self service North Carolina, W2 self service North Dakota.


New Hire Reporting Requirements by State.

W2 self service Ohio, W2 self service Oklahoma & Oregon, W2 self service Pennsylvania, W2 self service Indiana,W2 self service Iowa, W2 self service Kansas, W2 self service Kentucky, W2 self service Louisiana, W2 self service Maine, W2 self service Maryland, W2 self service Massachusetts, W2 self service Michigan, W2 self service Minnesota, W2 self service Mississippi, W2 self service Missouri, W2 self service Rhode Island, W2 self service South Carolina, W2 self service South Dakota, W2 self service Tennessee, W2 self service Texas, W2 self service Utah, W2 self service Vermont, W2 self service Virginia, W2 self service Washington, W2 self service West Virginia, W2 self service Wisconsin, W2 self service Wyoming

Peace of Mind

PAS, Inc., is dedicated to a professional job for a fair price. Basic pricing is $420.00 per EIN for magnetic media reporting. Printing prices start at $.50/form + a $.49 stamp.

You may review our Price List here.

Should you have questions please feel free to use our Contact Form or call us at 855-E-Checks (855-324-3257), without obligation, today.